Tips and Tricks to Choose a Research Topic that gives you a Better Grade

To conduct research, one must first be aware of the correct research theme which must interest the researcher as well as readers. Choosing an ideal research topic, the first step in the thesis/dissertation writing is often considered as an arduous task. It is the single most factor that can instantly decide the fate of your research document.
Given its importance, it is suggested that one must be sure of the ideas that keep him/her involved and engaged, and therefore, have a greater chance of getting presented from an interesting lens before one embarks on the research journey.


Choosing a good research topic is a tough nut to crack. Before finalizing the topic, ponder the ‘3 W’s’

  • Why did you choose the topic?
  • Who will be benefited from the topic?
  • What are the major arguments under the topic?


Now the obvious question is how to choose an unmatched research topic? Check out the handy tips that guide you through the topic selection process.

  • ‘Identify’ and then ‘develop’ the topic gradually
    The foremost step is to find a topic that is best for you; A topic you are aware of! Do some brainstorming to gather ideas relating to your area of interest. Generate several possible research questions and try looking at it from multiple lenses. This must be done in a gradual, step wise manner with tep getting closer to a narrower, crispier and unique topic.
  • ‘Refine’ the topic
    Let your chosen research topic pass throuigorous filtration process. A focused topic is a strong topic. Decide the components of the topic wisely; research theme, data collection group, location, research method adopted, etc.
  • ‘Define’ the topic
    What problem do you want to solve?, what is the proposed solution for the problem?, what is new about your approach?
  • ‘Gather’ the right resources
    Good resources lay solid foundation to the research. Checkout resources that give you adequate in-depth details pertaining to the topic. Determine if you have adequate resources that can be accessed to give justice to the chosen topic. Also, accumulate background and basic information.
  • ‘Track’ the keywords
    Find better match words, synonyms, and keywords that describe your research topic. Refine the searched terms by using vocabulary.
  • ‘Define’ topic as a focused research question
    Once you have come up with a topic and have gathered background information, develop a research question you will be answering by conducting in-depth research.
    ‘Formulate’ thesis statement
    Write the topic as a thesis statement. This helps you gain clarity and purpose of the research.
  • Be flexible
    While researching, due to some or the other aspect, it would be necessary to either change or modify the topic to make it manageable and interesting. Before modifying or changing the topic, be aware of the depth of the coverage of the topic and also the due-date.
    The research topic must reward you with the deserved grade. A topic is indeed the first impression any reader can get of your entire research theme and methodology

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