4 Factors that helped Cathy in choosing her Master’s Degree Program

So you are through with your bachelors degree and are on the track for planning a masters degree. It is a challenging decision as the masters degree programme you choose would determine your career and future. It can be something that would give a complete upswing to your career or something that may just end up being a complete waste of time. It surely wouldn’t be a pleasant experience to look back and realise that you wasted your two years trying to accomplish something that ultimately had no productive outcome. Before you take the big leap, there are a few factors that you must consider to help you in making the right decision, just as Cathy did:

1. Your Strengths and Weaknesses: You must do an introspection and identify your strengths and weaknesses as a person. Not everyone is cut out to do every course. The best course for you is actually something that will make you truly happy as when you make your career out of your education, it would be something you would be wanting to do all your life. All never pick up a programme that goes beyond your threshold, perhaps it wont be just worth it.
2.Finances: It is a bitter truth that college is expensive and a lot of students doing a masters are often under debt. You must know you financial capabilities and limitations before you venture out deciding a course. Even if it’s your dream programme but it falls outside your capacity to afford, putting yourself in a lot of debt is never the smartest decision to make. Rather look for a course that is affordable and equally beneficial for you at the same time.
3.Location: The location of your university can affect the outcome of the course in many ways. To begin with, the quality of your life would change incase you choose a far off campus. Whether you decide to relocate or commute on daily basis, you should know the consequences of the same on your quality of life. If you are like Cathy, who is upbeat for adventure and looks forward to change, it is a good idea to relocate or move into a new place for the duration of the course. Know what makes you happy and choose your course accordingly.
4.Course Content: Because the masters degree is very specific in nature, Cathy knew what she wanted to do in her life and chose her programme in industrial psychology accordingly. much against the wishes of her family and friends. This was so because she knew what she wanted from her life precisely and its time for you to know as well, before you make the crucial choice.