Doctorate in UK offers scholarships twice a year to support the students across UK who possess the potential and research skills willing to chase their PhD dream but are unable to do so due to financial inadequacy. But now, fulfil your dream PhD project without worrying about the expenses involved in researching in any domain of your interest regardless of which university or which region you belong. For this, you must outshine other bright researchers and writers. To identify one deserving candidate among many students, we conduct a written essay competition in which you will have to write on a single topic out of two given below in a limited time frame.


  1. Academic and Sports: Balancing the Importance
  2. Digging the alternatives to evolution


  • Submission Deadline: 5th August, 2017
  • Number of winners: 1
  • Maximum Amount: 500$
  • Essay Word count: 1500-2000 words
  • Contact Person: Mr. Havisham Linton
  • Email Id:


  1. The essay should be written in UK English with the formal language and should be formatted in APA format.
  2. Author shall not be eligible for the scholarship if any plagiarized content found in the essay.

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