Social Science

Studies in social science provide students with cross-cultural awareness, critical thinking, and behavioural science and communication skills.
PhD program in the Social Sciences offers the opportunity for highly motivated and quantitatively oriented students to pursue interdisciplinary research in areas common to economics, political science, political economy, history, psychology, anthropology, law, and public policy. Even though they are closely linked to humanities, social sciences differ from the latter with their use of scientific research methodologies in the inquiries about human society.
Identification and analysis of social concerns and issues are the area of concern for PhD in social sciences which allow them to broaden their perspective.

Suggested PhD Programmes

Phd Social Science

  • £15,250
  • Per Year
  • International
  • 3-4 years, Greater than 4 years
  • On campus

Cardiff University is an open research university in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Established in...

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